Good to Real

The “Good to Real” project was born, when I was putting into words my transformation out of the convenient, overworked perfectionist “good girl” into the worthy, authentic, and fulfilled woman I was always meant to be. I came face-to-face with this question:

I am tired of being a people-pleasing “Good Girl”. But I don’t want to be a “Bad Girl”. Now what?

The answer to this question, and the path out of this fake good-bad dichotomy is to find your Real beautiful powerful Self. And to live it. To write the rules of your life that align with your values and to enjoy living in accordance with these rules.

As I was living and observing my own path, reading up on the subject and talking to other women, I realized that there is a system to this transformation. The system that looks at a person as a whole, and helps find, connect and allow all the supposedly bad and forbidden parts of the person, all the feelings that had to be hidden and suppressed in order to fit into the “good Girl” box we created in our minds. Shedding off old stories that no longer serve us, allowing ourselves to be ourselves and finally knowing that it’s OK – is what helps us reclaim our power, fill the inner container of Worth, set boundaries, pay attention to and take care of our bodies, directly communicate our real wishes and desires.

I use my personal journey, the Good-to-Real transformation system, analytical mind of a scientist, and professional life coaching training to make sure you finally thrive and care for yourself. Especially when you focus on caring for everything and everyone but yourself.

In this article I tell of my Good to Real journey
The Life Purpose of a Good Girl

More about the Good-to-Real system I tell in my mini-workshop during “Dare to Soar” telesummit, where I also offer an exercise that demonstrates how you find where to start your personal transformation. [the link to audio recording will go here]

Of course, this small 15-minute introduction to the topic gives you an idea, but if following the rules, or working too hard without ever being satisfied with your achievements, or taking too much upon yourself at the expense of your family time, your health and wellbeing is something that resonates with you and you want to change that, I recommend an individual 90-minute intensive. During this time, we dive deep into your ‘good girl’ story, discover the parts and connections in and between mind, body, feelings, values\spirit, changing or restoring which will lead to a whole and transformed Real You.
You can sign up for intensive here,
or schedule a short complimentary discovery call where we find out if this intensive, or a longer coaching program or some other resource would be of benefit to you.

And finally, I am putting my journey and findings on this topic into the book. I’m excited to report that the first draft is almost ready. I am planning and hoping for it to come out in 2020, but the more exact timing is yet to be decided. Please fill out the form below to sign up for my mailing list, and you’ll be the first to know when the book sees the world.

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