The other kind of “Busy”

Some time ago I realized that there were two different modes of my existence. These modes seemed to exist separately, did not overlap much, as far as I could tell. And it was becoming very inconvenient. In one state I was very driven, motivated, efficient and productive. I set goals, understood time, and could devise... Continue Reading →

Befriending the Impostor Syndrome

 There I was, finishing the third year of a very competitive postdoctoral scholarship from NASA, getting ready to present an invited talk at a giant international annual geoscience conference about the international project of which I was one of the leaders… and in all this, regularly crying in my office because my work was going... Continue Reading →

Do your thing. Your way is the best way!

Days…  No, like this: DAYS!!!  I have spent trying to figure out why the IDL procedure is not producing the numbers and the pictures it should be producing. Bugging others about how they did it, checking what I thought I had to be checking. blah-blah-blah… Until I remembered something. First, a second of bragging (pure... Continue Reading →

“The Curse of the Good Girl”

"* The Curse of the Good Girl erects a psychological glass ceiling that begins its destructive sprawl in childhood and extends across the female life span, stunting the growth of skills and habits essential to becoming a strong woman. * The Good Girl was academically successful. smart and driven, pretty and kind. But she was... Continue Reading →

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