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You went into your career because you wanted to make a difference, to serve a purpose, 
but now you feel like you are drowning in all the busy work and don’t see yourself having a real impact.
You are not getting to do the things you wanted to do when you came in.
And you are wondering if this is really all there is to your career and your life.

Or may be you see and understand that your work matters, 
it’s just, you doubt your own authority in doing this work.
It seems like everyone around is smarter, gets it easier, does things faster, or using the skills that come naturally to them but takes so much work for you.

Even more so, you have these great creative ideas, you see the new directions, you see the new and effective ways to look at the data that seem like they are too ahead of the time, 
but veering too far off the charted course is too scary and uncomfortable and risky

So you keep looking for external validation of your talents and qualifications, 
and wish you had more certainty, more support,
more internal feeling of worth
to take bold action and make that impact that you came here for.

Or you see the impact of your work, know that you are well qualified for it, and then this almost funny thing happens – you realize that in doing this you are pushing yourself so hard that you define yourself in your work. It’s like you have trouble relaxing into life any more, and if you are not constantly pushing through, fighting, overcoming some obstacle, then you are not doing enough. Are you honestly only content in struggle and “saving the day”? 

Or, may be you don’t even like your job! 
May be you know there is something else that you are meant to do, but you are hesitating to make a move, because the thoughts and fears are stopping you:

  • what about all these years I spent earning my degree?
  • would I need to start from scratch?
  • Am I just a spoiled brat wishing for something else, when I have a well-paying high-potential job? So what that it makes me miserable? Some don’t even have that!

So be it making the profound impact in your work, or transitioning to the new career. Whether you are held back by the lack of clarity, or fear, or overwhelm where to start, or hesitation to say “No” to projects and people. All of these are normal and understandable! None of us likes to sit in discomfort, no one likes to be afraid or feel bad. And all of these things require actions that feel uncomfortable and scary and risky.

So if you are tired of living on an autopilot, of having life happen all the time when you need to focus on your goals, of not making the impact you want, of not being lit up in your career, or your days not bring you joy… And you are ready for a change. Real, sustainable change

With action items that resonate with You. And the intention, and desire to sustain this change that comes from inside, because it is aligned with who you are, with you values and your understanding of life and purpose.

Precisely because it is uncomfortable, and we are so prone to holding ourselves back from the things that are best for us, I offer to guide and support you, to walk by your side to achieve this lasting sustainable change, as a coach who believes in you, sees what you can do, and is equipped with tools to help you keep moving.  I help you move past doubt and into action, past indecision, let go of unbearable expectations,
find permission and trust to offer and accept help.

In my coaching program, you will:

  • Get really clear on what you want (you likely know what you don’t want by now).
  • Get a plan to make it happen. Full with actions and mindset necessary to achieve that result.
  • Then I hold you accountable and help you navigate and overcome your obstacles and celebrate your wins.

So that you become more creative, more bold and daring! Just think what feeling more certain within would get you – may be you would dare to ask for more collaboration from those top-10 on your dream-collaborators list, write that full-force paper with creative images, or ask for promotion, or get courage to quit.

So that you can have more time to enjoy the results of all this work, to live life, to enjoy this time off without guilt or rush to fill it with something more “useful”.  Imagine the satisfaction from working full-force, with all the experience, the power, and the creativity that you know you have, and then savoring the ease, the rest and the play.

Are you ready to take the next step to your best life? Let’s talk and see if working together is what would help you get there.

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