Personal Coaching

1×1 work is the most powerful option for the individuals who are ready for change. It allows for customized approach to satisfy individual needs, goals and accountability. It requires a significant investment of time, resources and commitment, and produces tangible results and deep transformation. We start every coaching relationship with a conversation, where we talk dreams and expectations, get acquainted and uncover the big picture and first steps towards fulfillment and satisfaction – in work and life!  Please feel free to follow this link to chose the time for your introductory call.

Format and Cost
Depending on what you set out to achieve, one of the following options may suit you better. Depending on your needs and goals for the coaching process the packages can be customized to include more or less phone and e-mail support, less regular meetings or shorter “check-ins”.
Depending on your situation and the type of coaching, you can expect to pay anywhere from a $100 per month for something like regular accountability support, to $800 per month for an intense full-immersion transformational process with ample email support, frequent check-in calls, full access to all other resources I provide, including ELI assessment+debrief and followup program. All this with understanding that deep transformation takes time and for real changes you should expect to enter into at least a 3-month commitment, though we will discuss the optimal length, format and the cost of the agreement during the discovery call.


+ You occasionally work with a coach to expedite the process, to get unstuck, to get a dose of inspiration, motivation, an insight or a breakthrough, but don’t want a lengthy commitment.
+ Sign up for 1 meeting, or get a “multi-pass” for 1-10 sessions, to be redeemed on your time and ‘as-needed’ basis.

* $130/session
* valid 1 year from the day of purchase
* Though I will do everything I can to fit you in as close to your desired time as possible, scheduling is subject to current availability.


+ You have a problem to solve, a goal, or a dream.
+ We create a road map to get there.
+ I provide tools, resources and a space for your goal to happen.
+ You get it done and become the person for whom the dream is the new reality.

* 2+ months
* 3+ x 1hr sessions/month
* includes phone, email or messenger support


+ You are done with who you are, where you are, and what you have! You are ready for the new life and are committed to turn it around!
+ We work with deep and powerful stuff, combining work with mind + emotions + body. You get to the root of Who you are, what your Values are, which Life is truly Yours and awaits to be lived.

* 4+ months
* 3+ x 1hr sessions/month
* includes ample phone, email or messenger support
* Includes ELI Assessment + debrief
* access to my talks, trainings and workshops during this time period.

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