“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book – grow your financial IQ

A book, which is a classic in the money world, recently opened the door to the new reality for me. The reality we never hear about in our many years of studies!
“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki tells in plain language how money works, challenges many commonly held assumptions and beliefs about education, hard work, assets, taxes and job security. richdadpoordadbookcover
What is there to do with a scientific career?
A few things I got out of it for myself:
– One of the main characters is a highly educated man and a teacher/professor, who starts and ends in the financial position I would not expect for the man of such reputation and skill.
– Scientists have a great foot in the door to becoming financially secure, because they are smart, hard-working, with decent middle class salaries and open mind to learning new concepts.
– It’s a good read for those considering a switch from scientific to a business career (especially, business-ownership) about the difference in the mindset and approach to education and money.


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