Who is Mariya?

 Mariya Petrenko is a lover of Life, who sees an absolute beauty, power and art in human life. Her favorites are stories of overcoming, of falls and risings, of choices, of fails and wins. 

She is a recovering overachiever, who once discovered that following all the rules does not guarantee all the happiness. Even on the contrary, it robs the person of individuality and power.
Now on a mission to help those powerful individuals who have been shrinking themselves and adjusting to circumstances for years, spread their wings, find their voice and lead with their talents.  Go from the race to acquire new degrees, incomes and achievements, to living the life of fulfillment.

And yes, this life may well include degrees, incomes and achievements, but as a side-effect of worth, purpose and satisfaction coming from within. Do you notice this difference? In this transformed state, we don’t get a degree or stay busy to “earn” our worth. We don’t push ourselves to prove that we are good enough. No. It’s quite the opposite. We realize that we are precious, valuable and worthy, and that our passion to doing what we love, along with saying “no” to unimportant stuff, is what takes us to the new heights.

In her science career, Dr. Mariya Petrenko did obtain advanced degrees in Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences, had graduate and postgraduate NASA fellowships to study forest fire smoke in model and satellite observations. She then shifted her focus from science to scientists, in order to bring about more happy, satisfied and fulfilled achievers. Whose happiness and creativity spills over in the form of high-quality science 🙂 

Mariya is a professional life coach certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and master-practitioner of Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment

Mariya lives in Maryland with her husband and 4 children, is an Orthodox Christian, a Scanner according to Barbara Sher, an ISTJ according to Meyers-Briggs, and a 3-5 energy type according to the ELI assessment.

I would love my life journey and coaching skills to serve you. Click HERE to see how to make it work.

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