Leadership Development

Individuals and small teams and organizations are encouraged to take advantage of this incredible leadership development package. It consists of four components, which can be had separately, or assembled in different combinations to fill the needs and address the goals of the participant(s):

  1. A free Energy Leadership overview talk
    which introduces the concept of energy levels and their interplay within the person and organization. Participants learn to see that many options are possible in virtually any situation, and how the choices we make affect the results we get. We also explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions and participants receive the powerful attitude-change tool, which they can start applying immediately both in and out of work.
  2. Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessments give you the energetic profile for each individual in the group (shown to and discussed only with the individual), and of the whole group. Listed as one of the 11 assessments every executive should take, according to Forbes magazine (May 01, 2018 issue), ELI serves as the powerful basis for creating personal and team development strategies. It is also a fantastic starting point for individual and group coaching to make those development strategies come true.
  3. Workshop “Four Mental traps on the way to success“. In this workshop the participants learn about four major mental traps: Limiting beliefs, Assumptions, Interpretations and Negative Self-talk. Participants learn general patterns, which enable them to recognize each of the mental traps. Interactive exercises and coaching strategies show how to navigate and overcome these traps. The results for both individuals and organizations manifest in personal awareness, increased mental and emotional resilience, as well as new, calmer, more creative and tolerant ways to communicate and problem-solve.
  4. Energy Leadership Development System is a 12-segment program, based on the concept of energy levels. Its aim is to bring the new depth and awareness into the daily professional processes of your team, and steer them towards the goals you define at the beginning of the program. Each segment takes anywhere between 1 and 5 weeks and you can combine any number of the segments, and we work to structure each segment to most effectively satisfy the goals of your team. The whole cycle runs for approximately 24 weeks.
    1. Program Orientation/Planning
    2. Seven Levels of Leadership
    3. Leadership Strengths and Gaps
    4. Removing Barriers to Success
    5. Emotional Intelligence
    6. Dynamic Communication
    7. Influencing Others
    8. Problem Solving
    9. Productivity
    10. High Energy Relationships
    11. Health and Wellness
    12. Time Management/Balance

Many of the materials in this work are based on the work “Energy Leadership” by Dr. Bruce D Schneider, the founder and the leader of iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).

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