“New York City might have the Ghostbusters, but I have Mariya, the ProblemBuster, on my team! I first sought out Mariya’s coaching services to help increase my levels of life satisfaction and, then again, to achieve greater productivity as a young scientist. During the first set of sessions, she helped me identify and realign my intrinsic motivators to achieve my personal goals. Mariya has the rare ability to lend a supportive and dependable perspective while being like a high-quality mirror (i.e., clarity). The aforementioned skillset combined with her scientific experience made her the perfect fit for my scientific professional coaching needs as well. By the end of my second set of sessions, Mariya’s consistent and effective guidance helped me tackle, surpass, and enjoy my short-term professional objectives (i.e., finish a thesis, journal article, and proposal) over the course of 3 months.”
Mariel, Scientist

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“I had several life coaching sessions with Mariya Petrenko. When Mariya was looking for her first clients, I agreed right away, and I am very glad that I did that! Mariya is a good listener, she analyzes what you tell her, and gives you a good summary at the end of each session. She had me to look at some of my problems from another perspectives, asked questions that made me revisit some of my decisions. She didn’t solve my problems or didn’t give me solutions. Instead throughout our discussions she helped me to find my own, right and unique solution. This was a refreshing and positive experience!”
Natalya, Scientist

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Maria has been helping Fr. George and me with life planning, as he has just retired from his “day job,” to become a full time priest. She is very gifted. She has helped us a lot and I highly recommend her. She has a God-given talent for life coaching.
Deborah J.

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  1. Мария просто невероятный коуч , и одна из величайших женщин, которых я знаю сегодня . Во первых для меня великая честь иметь такого прекрасного коуча из НАСА ! Во вторых ее профессионализм неподражаем ! После одной только коуч сессии моя жизнь и видение изменились мгновенно и я начала работать на результат. В третьих само общение с таким прекрасным человеком, как Мария , даёт надежду и вдохновение . Всем очень рекомендую Марию , ведь только Великий человек может помочь в осуществлении наших великих мечт !

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